Day Services

EMA’s day services offer the opportunity for individuals to attend from 1-5 days per week. The aim being to provide individuals with opportunities they may otherwise have limited access to as well as building necessary life-skills and work-based skills dependent on their own needs, wishes and goals.

We work closely with commissioners and local authority social work teams to ensure that the services continue to positively impact the those attending but also meet the need and demand of the local area.  



Moreton, near Dorchester

The Moreton day service is run from a building that forms a major part of Moreton’s history and offers various activities to keep individuals engaged. These include; life skills, sailing, boxing, swimming, ball-games, crafts, cooking and days out to various places, which are planned alongside those whom attend to meet their individual interests. We also encourage attendees to partake in enterprise activities in which they are supported to plan, cost and complete a project with the aim of selling items to make a profit and fund further projects.

This is a new element to the service and this year has seen the attendees create their own festive candles and cards which have been in high demand. This allows individuals a purpose to their activity but also a sense of pride in creating something profitable that others can enjoy.

Gillingham, North Dorset

The Thorngrove day service, run from the same garden centre site as our education provision, offers a similar array of activities but also has the ability to offer further work-based activities within our garden shop, plant, animal and café areas. The service has been able to successfully enable young people to build skills and move onto paid employment where this has been an individual goal. The service offers an array of activities including; pop-up café, skittles, cycling, gym, games, crafts and various days out to supplement any work-based programmes and continues to grow in success.

The Team

Day Services are led by a dedicated team with experience across various areas of Adult Social Care, providing a person centred and balanced approach to support.

Ant Morris – Moreton Day Services Senior

Sam Moors – Thorngrove Day Services Senior

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