Day Services

EMA’s Day Services primarily focus on delivering a continuation and expansion of skills already obtained in our education settings but are also open to those who have not attended EMA previously. Through a varied timetable of life skills, employment and enjoyment-based activities individuals are encouraged to build further skills for independence, whilst having fun and working on vital social skills with their peers.

Moreton & Gillingham

EMA’s Moreton day service in a building that forms a major part of Moreton’s history and offers lots of different spaces for individuals to enjoy, learn and socialise. The service runs sessions on life-skills, sports, games, arts & crafts and cooking to help individuals build vital skills for independence whilst having access to fulfilling and fun activities.

Thorngrove Day Service is run from the garden centre site, where our education provision also takes place. Offering various activities in skill building, work experience and local community projects.

Most attendees will partake in work experience either with EMA at the café, shop or gardens, others will opt for external work experience placements which we will aid to source and support with where necessary. The aim being that the individual can begin to attend work placement independently and begin the search for paid employment where appropriate.

As a person-centred provider, we work with individuals and their support network to identify suitable days of attendance so that individuals can access their preferred activities, getting the most of their time with EMA.

The Team

Day Services are led by a dedicated team with experience across various areas of Adult Social Care, providing a person centred and balanced approach to support.

Ant Morris – Moreton Day Services Senior

Sam Moors – Thorngrove Day Services Senior

Enquiries for this service should be directed to