We have always had a commitment to supporting our student’s development as they move from young people into adulthood. We have never believed in ‘just’ educating our students, this will not support their transition into adulthood and the workplace.

Having working vocational sites supports students wellbeing as they learn real work skills in their work experience sessions, this develops their self-confidence and builds self-esteem. For our young people to be successful in their chosen field it’s important we support their emotional and mental wellbeing. A young person who has these skills will have fewer barriers to learning and a better understanding of themselves and how to meet their own needs. We have developed a range of groups for students to be part of to support their social skills and enjoyment. (Please ask for more details on the groups we have when you enquire or visit).

Students can access our Talk About group where they can explore how to express their feelings and build friendships and have an understanding and respect of other people and their feelings. We are committed to our student voice being at the very heart of everything we do at Employ My Ability. We have an active student council that meets every 4 weeks and has a representative from each tutor group, the chair of the student council is a member of the EMA Trustee Board. Our ‘you said, we did’ board lets students know how their suggestions have developed and changed the college.


At the end of the each year students, families and staff enjoy the EMA Graduation Celebration, a real chance to celebrate the fantastic achievements of our students. It’s a chance for our graduating students to celebrate with their friends and families as we wish them a sad but incredibly proud goodbye.

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