Employ My Ability (EMA) Ltd.  is an Independent Specialist College that provides students aged between 16 and 25 a unique learning environment to develop skills that assist with their preparation for adulthood; this provision is underpinned by an Education Advisory Committee (EAC) which meets at least once per academic term. The EAC is made up of the EMA Founders who are the Nominated Trustees and they are supported in their governance obligations by Education Advisors. Current members of the EAC are listed below, and a short biography for the external advisors can be found here: EAC Summary

    • Steve White – Group Managing Director (Trustee)
    • Jacqui Church – Group Operations & Education Director (Trustee)
    • David Fletcher – Group Compliance & Risk Manager (Clerk and Acting Chair)
    • Simon Linard  – Quality of Education (External)
    • John Parker – Leadership & Management (External)
    • Harry Wood – Former EMA student (External)
    • Adrian Gunner – Partner College (External)
    • Sherry Ralph – Safeguarding (External)

These assignments will be reviewed on an annual basis.

A copy of the Trustee Advisory Board’s terms of reference can be found here:

A copy of our Whistleblowing policy can be found here:

A copy of our Equal Opportunity, Diversity and Inclusion policy can be found here:

A copy of our Complaints policy can be found here:

A copy of our Behaviour policy and Anti Bullying Strategy can be found here:


You can find our most recent OFSTED report here: OFSTED Report.

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