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Important Information

You must complete our application form when applying. Thank you!

Please note, in order to comply with the DfE ‘s Keeping Children Safe in Education Statutory Guidance and our own Safer Recruitment Policy, EMA will only consider applicants that complete an application form. Applicants who only submit a CV or similar, will neither be considered nor contacted about any role EMA are currently advertising. Links to our online application form can be found here, or on each job listing

For young people aged 14-16, if you’re applying for one of our roles which you’re eligible for, you must also complete the child work permit form, and this will need to be attached to the job application form. There is a button at the end of the form for this.

We will require both the completed online application form, and the child work permit form (if applicable) to process your application form. For any questions, please contact us via the admin@employmyability.org.uk email. Thank you!

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Adult Social Care – Important Information

Under Regulation 19(3)(a) of the Health and Social Care Act (Regulated Activities) Regulations 2014, there is a requirement for employers to obtain evidence of satisfactory conduct in previous employment concerned with the provision of services relating to:-

  1. Health or social care, or
  2. Children or vulnerable adults

In order to satisfy this requirement, we (EMA) are required to obtain:-

  1. a full employment history for every member of staff employed as part of our Adult Social Care team, from the age of first employment onwards, and that any gaps in employment are fully investigated and recorded in written format.
  2. the reason why employment in each position has ended is to be recorded.
  3. Satisfactory evidence of conduct from all previous employers where the provision was working in health, social care, or with children or vulnerable adults.

Candidates are requested to supply their full career history below and continue on as many additional pages as necessary and this must include:-

  • Job Title/Job Function
  • Date From (Month & Year)
  • Date To (Month & Year)
  • Name and Address of Employer
  • Reason for Leaving
  • If any of the roles were in health, social care, working with Children or Vulnerable Adults, please provide a contact email address as these will be contacted in addition to your main references.

You may like to use the table below (copy and paste as required) but we will accept in other formats provided that all of the above information is included.

Job Title/Job Function
Date From
Date To
Name of Employer
Reason for Leaving
Contact Name (if possible)
Email Address