Our education and training programmes have been specifically developed for Young People aged 16 -25 with Special Educational Needs (SEND). We are funded by the Education and Skills Fund Agency (ESFA) and Local Authorities.

We deliver Study Programmes that support students to develop new skills, knowledge and behaviours with a focus on Preparation for Adulthood (PfA) themes:

• Employment
• Independent Living
• Good Health
• Friends, Family and Relationships

Learning for most students is 30% classroom based and 70% practical across our onsite real working environments. This practical hands-on approach to learning supports students who have found school challenging, allowing them to develop skills, knowledge and behaviours for employment and adulthood.

Our Study Programmes can last up to 3 years and focus on:
• Developing the skills for employment in our onsite

work experience settings
• External work placement
• Careers education, information, and advice
• Support to learn skills and knowledge to overcome

barriers to gaining employment
• Employability skills, knowledge, and behaviours • English, Maths, and ICT skills
• Achieving EHCP targets and outcomes
• Enrichment and wellbeing

• Vocational learning in Hospitality and Catering, Horticulture, Customer Service, Retail, Business, Skills and Animal Care (Animal care is only currently available at our Moreton campus)

• Travel training
• Personal development
• Independent Living Skills
• Tutorial and pastoral support
• Speech and Language Therapy • Sports and recreation

At the start of the first term of Year 1, we work with all students to complete a full assessment of their ability and aspirations. The outcome of this enables us to construct an individualised Study Programme and timetable that is focused on specifically meeting their needs, as well as the targets in the student’s EHCP; thissupportstheirdevelopmentandachievementinto adulthood.

Study Programmes consist of a mixture of externally accredited, and non-accredited learning from Pre- Entry to GCSEs. We focus on challenging the student at the correct level and supporting their individual progression.

We strongly encourage our students to actively participate in tracking their own progress, by using Multi Me. Multi Me is a cloud based secure social platform for individuals with disabilities (and the circle of people that support them in their daily lives) which allows users to set and manage goals around their life and learning targets.


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Our courses combine industry qualifications with on the job experience