In addition to offering vocational courses, Employ My Ability is dedicated to offering the therapy necessary to help our students develop the confidence to enter the working world.

Each student is unique, so we offer a variety of different therapies to suit every student’s requirements.

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Cognitive Behavioural Therapy is a great way for working with learning disabilities and SEND in young people and adults. Our specialists are trained to modify the ways students think and behave by talking through problems and finding ways of dealing with them.

Drama Therapy

Re-enacting their personal stories via a dramatic reproduction can stimulate the inner experience and provide a healthy catharsis. Drama therapy helps students to gain personal insight and to achieve improved interpersonal communication skills.

Speech Therapy

Speech and Language therapy can aid communication in students with cognitive learning disabilities and SEND. It can also help students to overcome psychological barriers that can arise as a result of social anxiety or other external factors.

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