SupportedLivingThe Supported Living service at EMA currently consists of a 5 bedroom thatched property within the village of Moreton, a 3 bedroom property that sits on the outskirts of Dorchester and a 4 bedroom property also within the village of Moreton that is scheduled to come into service in June 2020. This service is designed for those nearing or assessed as being ready for the next step in the journey towards independence and is designed to provide a home and address they can call their own. Supported living allows an open time scale opportunity to build on and strengthen skill sets that will be required by our service users if they are to attain a real and safe level of independence. Staffing of our supported living properties is on a 24-hour basis with staff available of a night-time as a sleeping shift should there be a requirement for support.

Supported living incorporates all the aspects and responsibilities for our service users of running a normal household where young people are expected to take charge, with staff support, of the cooking, cleaning, laundry, shopping and garden maintenance alongside the weekly planning of things that enable its everyday functioning.

Whilst living in one of our Supported Living properties Service Users are required and encouraged to develop their social skills whilst living in a communal setting as well as developing their emotional resilience alongside the challenges that communal living brings, all valuable skills on the journey to independence. All of the afore mentioned services available at EMA via the Social Care provision are very much designed with progression towards independence in mind and all staff within social care at EMA are encouraged to adopt a person centred style of practice so enabling a very bespoke service delivery to each and every individual that accesses our service.

Our Social Care Service is set in the heart of the idyllic rural setting of the village of Moreton in Dorset and offers a very safe and secure environment of a small but familiar village community. EMA is now a very established part of village life in Moreton and our service users play a very active part within that community and are often very much involved in local events. EMA Social Care offers a tranquil and countryside setting where our service users are able to develop and blossom with lots of support whilst still being able to access the busier life of the surrounding towns and cities. EMA is located approximately one mile from a main line train station with gives options for trips and outings further afield.

Our courses combine industry qualifications with on the job experience