From Student to Employee

We’re rounding off our National Careers Week content with a spotlight on EMA Marketing and Video Assistant, George Brind.
George is a former student of Employ My Ability who showed such enthusiasm for making videos during his studies, that he eventually became a member of staff after he graduated, and continues to assist our marketing department to this day. Recently, George was assigned the task of building a new Youtube channel with fresh videos covering all aspects of EMA. He has a range of videos currently in production, and we’re pleased to officially launch the new channel today, which George will be keeping up to date, with lots of unique insight to EMA.
In his own words, George had a few things to say about his role, and the importance of a Youtube channel.
“I think it’s very important for Employ My Ability to have a YouTube channel because it gives people with special needs an idea of what to expect if they ever wanted to attend here, or if they are just looking for somewhere in general to help gain employment.
I really enjoy making videos for EMA, not just because I’m putting to good use the things I like doing as a hobby, but because it’s just wonderful watching and filming students working on the campuses, and learning the trials and tribulations about the job they might want to get in their future. Employment is important for everyone.”
Head to youtube now where you can watch his introductory video to learn more about his journey from student to employee, and stay tuned for more soon!
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