Student Story told at Natspec Conference 2024

In June, Moreton student Ashley represented Employ My Ability at the Natspec conference in the form of a personal video where he was able to give some insight to his own story, and how he feels a specialist provision has allowed him to go from feeling low and without many prospects, to where he is now, about to graduate from EMA, and pursuing a career as a teaching assistant.

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Ash is admired by his peers and by staff at EMA, and we are so proud of his openness, and confidence in speaking about his journey over the last few years. We know there are many young people around the country just like him who may be feeling like their opportunities are limited, but we hope his words can inspire those to see that there is a path out there for everyone, and an environment that will suit you. Feeling nervous about the next step is perfectly normal, especially if you’re vulnerable, or living with special needs or disabilities, but we know with the right support, all can achieve their potential and find their future, just like Ash.

Watch the full video here:


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