Video from George: End of the academic year at Moreton

Marketing Assistant and former EMA student George Brind has produced another video at our Moreton campus. In his own words, George had the following to say:

“It is with great delight that I have released my latest Employ My Ability YouTube video. This one is about things that happen during the Lead-Up to the End of the EMA Academic Year; in particular, the exams the students take, how hard or easy it might be for them, what our tutors can do to help them, and how it feels for both tutors and students when the Academic Year’s end approaches. Like most videos I make, the filming and editing process was fairly straightforward. One of our tutors Judy, and a student Harry, gave very good insight into what it’s like to undertake exams, and I gratefully thank them for that. It was a bit challenging and complicated to find and film suitable overlay footage for the video, especially when exams cannot be filmed in any way, so that the students focus. However, I did manage to film some other lessons happening around this time, and I thank Judy and other teachers for allowing me to film their lessons.

I’m very pleased with the end result of my latest video, and I hope you will find it interesting to watch. Going forward, as the Summer Holidays are coming, this video will most likely be the last I make for this Academic Year, but I do have plans to make more videos for the next year starting in September, including ones about specific courses and transitions to and from EMA”.


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