EMA Work Experience videos from George

Last year we introduced George Brind, a former student of EMA who now works at the Moreton campus as an assistant to our marketing department.

George has continued to produce videos – scripted, shot, and edited all by himself and you can see the two latest additions on our Youtube channel (which George also oversees) right now.


“As I write now, I am delighted to say that my latest videos, focused on Outside Work Experience and On-site Work Experience, are available now on YouTube. If you enjoy those videos, please subscribe, check out our other content on YouTube, and stay tuned for future videos when they come out.

I am very pleased with how these videos have turned out, and I hope you will find them interesting to watch.

My hope for the near future is to continue making videos and try my best to promote EMA as a good place to go for young people who have Special Educational Needs that will prepare them for adult life and future employment” – George Brind

Along with video, George assists with some photos, and marketing for events. He continues to push himself, develop his skills, and produce content which we’re proud to host on our digital channels. Stay tuned for more videos from George very soon!

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